My name is Eric Ng, and I am a musician and piano teacher in Richmond, B.C.  Taking piano lessons changed my life for the better when I began at 7 years old. Throughout the process, I learned how to listen, how to be sensitive, how to self-discipline, how to express myself and how to work under stress. More importantly, my parents gifted me a passion that gives me a healthy artistic outlet in an increasingly hectic world.

These music lessons will be about more than just the piano. We will learn how to write music, talk about music theory, and learn performance techniques.


Piano lessons will look different for everyone. My goal is to point the student in the right direction, help them follow their musical interests, and give them the tools they need to advance. I aim to communicate with the parents as much as possible, so they are in the loop of these private piano lessons. 

Some of us are performers. Some of us are composers. Some of us are teachers. We are all musicians.

The piano is one of the most versatile instruments; it can play almost any music! In some ways, the piano player is a one-person band. Sometimes, an entire orchestra’s score can be reduced to a single piano score!  Piano skills are  essential for any musicians and especially beneficial for a beginner music student.

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