Exploration in C Part 1

I have decided to do an in depth exploration of keys as my personal project in my piano journey. Throughout the years, I likely have played pieces in every key! With this project, the idea is to get intimate with every key.

What flavour does it have? How are different modes used to create variety? How can I use this key to express myself?

While exploring, I intend to learn classical music and pop music in the key in question. There will also be listening exercises, improv exercises, transposing exercises, and composition exercises involved when needed! Quickly said, this is an expansive project, designed for me to gain a deeper understanding into every key. Along the way, I will be practicing notation, rhythm and technique.

We begin with C major.

C Major Part 1

My initial feelings towards this key: clean, classic, easy going and bright

I first warmed up with the technique I knew in C; this included parallel scales, arpeggios, chords and formula pattern. I quickly noticed that my formula pattern could use some work in coordinating my hands. This task has been added to my to-do list.

Then I googled through IMSLP piano pieces in C major. I landed on Mozart’s Sonata in C major.

While sightreading through the Sonata, I noticed that the high register in C major sounds innocent. It almost has a childish twinkle to it. The sound is clear, whimsical and and light.

I also thought the accidentals were very noticeable in a land of white keys. They added an immediate contrast and peaked my ear’s interest as it flew by.

The timing is not necessarily easy in the intro of this piece! I decided to slow down the piece considerably to work on the rhythmic structure of the piece. When left unchecked, I felt myself play faster and faster through the scale-like runs.

Stay tuned!

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