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Piano Lessons Richmond B.C

Piano lessons Richmond, B.C are taught with the idea that music is a language.  Like learning a language, the best way to pick it up is through an interactive experience between student and teacher. With the teacher, students will explore the language by through a combination of observing and experimenting.


Hello! My name is Eric Ng. Thanks for visiting the piano lessons page! I am a licensed Early Childhood Educator Assistant (ECEA) with a Bachelor’s of Music (B.Mus) and A.R.C.T in piano performance.   I am passionate about cultivating creativity and developing an innovative education curriculum.  You can find out more about me here!

Studio Location

Lessons are held in a in-home studio in Richmond B.C.  To locate, you can find a google map of it below or click here!

The Vision

When I first began teaching piano, I believed that it was my role to lead the students down the musical path that I went on.  Quickly, I realized that my musical journey was unique to me, and the students will embark on their own musical journey. I learned that we all have different strengths, different weaknesses, and different ears to the same music. Knowing this, it became clear to me that my role was to guide the students in developing their artistry through piano lessons. As they progress, students will begin to identify as performers, composers, songwriters, and/or accompanists. It is EN Music Studio’s belief that all musical paths are valuable.

Expectation of Student

Currently accepting students from the ages of 4 and up.  Please note, students must be able to keep up with basic sanitary needs (no hands in mouth during piano lessons!).
An interview process/free trial lesson is mandatory to assess the student for piano lessons.

Goals and Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize qualities in music – key, rhythm, mood, range etc.
  • Develop agility and strength in fingers
  • Be able to create music on the piano based on  age-appropriate guidelines
  • Develop ability to follow written music

Practice Expectation

  • Recommended: Students create and explore on the piano for 6 days a week (15-30 minutes a day). Individual practice schedules will be set to fit the student.
  • Students are provided a playlist of music to listen to while they are enjoying other activities

Parent Involvement

  • Parents are expected to participate in the practice sessions if support is needed to solidify a practice routine.

Lesson Structure

Lesson structures will vary based on student’s interest and capabilities.  However, all lessons will elements of the following:

Technique– hand position, finger strength, finger agility designed to increase the physical capabilities of playing the piano

Reading– listening to music while observing the score and playing the music while reading the score designed for students to increase connection between the written music and sounds

Collaborative Play– playing the piano in time and on key with the teacher

Composition-exploring writing music, exploring different sounds together, using learned concepts to create

Improvisation– free play with no written notation

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Piano lessons Richmond

Piano Lessons  Richmond B.C


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