Planned Improvisation

Planned Improvisation is a important part of EN Music Studio’s curriculum.

What is planned improvisation?

It refers to the planning before an improvisation session. The student and teacher may plan what the key, rhythm, articulation, ending, beginning, themes, dynamics are. The list is expansive! The more advanced the student is, the more we can plan the improvisation. The result, is a much more cohesive project, rather than free exploration.

Why is it important?

Planned improvisation requires student input. Essentially, it’s their project! By giving the student creative control, students develop their independent ear for what sounds good and/or correct. This type of creative control also allows the student to be authentic. What music concepts are they familiar with? What music concepts are they not? All this would show in the planning stages of the improvisation. Furthermore, it allows the students to explore music concepts in a meaningful way; it is incorporated into a piece of their art.

Effect on Written Piano Learning

Planned improvisation allows the student to apply standard musical concepts to their written music studies. For example, once the student has explored what double eighth notes are in their creative project, they are more likely to be able to execute the technique and rhythm in their written studies. This is because they have been able to explore the same concept in multi-modally; This is similar to the random practicing concept.

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