new year

The New Year

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! I hope this is a musical and creative year for everyone.

In 2017, EN Music Studio will walk in the direction of:

  1.  Fostering creativity for students of all ages. Creativity is important to everyone! I will foster creativity by encouraging students to create their own music while learning from the classic examples.

  3. Encouraging students to be the musician they want to be. While classical performers are the ‘go-to” when it comes to defining pianists, EN Music Studio recognizes that pop, folk, rock and jazz music is just as relevant to students these days! I will encourage students to follow the genre that they feel most connected to.

  5. Walking the walk! I talk a big talk about practicing technique and creativity, and it’s time for me to lead by example! In 2017, I am making a priority to foster my own creativity and sharing my projects with the studio.

  7. Encouraging piano students and parents to make music together. Learning the piano can be a lonely thing, as it is generally a solo instrument. I aim to encourage students to make and play music together, which is one of the best parts about being a musician.

Overall, I aim for EN Music Studio to continue bringing music into the lives of its members. I aim for these music lessons to add value to the students’ lives and  to not only teach them a technical skill, but an approach for the life challenges they will face as they grow up.  I aim for these lessons to be a practice in creativity, a habit they can have long after they leave piano lessons.