The Practice of Creativity

In my personal experience, the hardest part about creativity, is the continued practice of creativity.

While we accomplish creativity landmarks along the way (Wrote a chapter of a book! Composed an original choral score! Created a bass line that makes me want to dance!), time pushes us along in life. That being said, we definitely should celebrate those moments! In fact, I encourage my students and I in celebrating our creativity output. We celebrate our increasing skill, our growing authenticity, and that specific moment in our lives.

However, time pushes us forward. If we choose to revel in our finished product for too long, we lose the practice of creating.

Creating is not like climbing a mountain. While we can keep reaching higher ground, we will never rest at the top -and that’s okay. As the wise saying goes: if we are not growing, then we are by default dying.

Practice of Creativity

That being said, it is important to have a daily practice of creating. Creativity mogul Julia Cameron suggests hand writing three pages of thoughts every morning. Other creativity experts suggest that 10 minutes is enough to hold a time slot in your life. This is why I ask my students to play for 15-30 minutes a day.

It’s also important to recognize that not all creative sessions lead to great projects. Sometimes it simply represents a single moment of our lives- and that’s okay too.