Every Note is Beautiful

The most common bad habit I see in piano students is the desire to rush through the notes. They play as though the goal is to reach the end. Like I previously discussed, music is about the process, not the product. Although, I can understand why the students feel this way. In our lessons, we move on from a piece when we have learned the notes and the rhythm. We also learn notes from the beginning to the end. This gives the students a perception that if they can hammer out all the notes in order, then the task is complete. Unfortunately, this kind of task completion mindset bypasses of what makes music beautiful.

Every note should be played as intentionally as possible. Every note has a place and a reason. Every note means something.

Using English to replace Music.

When we give a speech to an audience, is it most effective if we try to speed through our words and get to the end? It might be most effective in trying to get out of the spotlight, but the meaning of the speech will be lost.

In any given English sentence, placing a different emphasis on a word can drastically change the sentence’s meaning. Try it with the sentence “I love you.” (i LOVE you, I love you, I love YOU, I love you?)

If we omit a part of the sentence, the sentence also drastically changes.

EX. I think the piano is a beautiful instrument with lots of expressive qualities.
EX. The piano is a beautiful instrument.

The sentences are similar, but the second sentences omits much of the meaning of the first sentence

Like words in a language, every note and rhythm has its own role in the overall music. To blow past these notes like they are unimportant, is to discount the overall music.


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