Thank You Victoria

Thank you Victoria

It has been 3 months since I announced and executed my move from Victoria to Richmond. When I first moved to Victoria for my education, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful scenery, and the spirit of the city. Never did I think in the beginning of my journey here, that I would be so fortunate to be able to contribute to the community with my own music education business. I feel incredibly lucky to have met the families that I have, and been able to bring music to their children and their homes.

It is these experiences with the wonderful families I work with, that led me to realize how important family is to myself. While they are only a short distance away in Vancouver, we are separated by the great water which can make a hundred miles seem like a million miles. It is with the realization that every day that I am here, I miss another opportunity to become closer to my family. While I will not close the door to Victoria, it is important for me to be with my family right now.

It is with tears of sadness and happiness that I annouce the relocation of EN Music Studio to Richmond, B.C. I hope to continue serving the community by bringing music and creativity.

Thank you Victoria, and all the families I have met. The last six years added immense value to my life.